Quadratic Trust: The Results

It’s the end of the first round of Quadratic Trust!

A huge congratulations goes out to SHLOMS for winning the round and to Simona Pop and Austin Griffith for rounding out the top 3. You will all be receiving some sweet sweet Gitcoin schwag.

Quadratic Trust was created with the goal of making quadratic funding mechanisms more accessible by enabling people to support their favourite open source projects and builders in new ways. By including tweeting as a mechanism for support, we could remove financial barriers and help get more projects funding. This simplified POC version helped us to test out the mechanism. For details on the full version concept check out my original blog.

While the leaderboard is a great way to highlight exciting folks and projects in crypto, the real benefit comes from the promotion everyone got from the tweets that went out during the Quadratic Trust campaign.

Here’s a summary of what happened:

  • 196 people participated by voting for their favourite projects
  • 187 projects and people received votes
  • 5252 votes were cast
  • 626 tweets were sent out

That’s 626 opportunities for new networks of people to learn about what’s being built in the open source/web3/crypto space!

What’s Next?

The next step in the Quadratic Trust journey would be to integrate directly with a quadratic funding mechanism. This would limit the pool of votable projects to those eligible for matching funds. We would then link the number of tweets sent or votes cast directly into the matching mechanism to provide funding for the projects and help get them started. If you’d like to see this happen, or have ideas on how to improve the concept, get in touch!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the campaign and helped to support their favourite projects in the space.

Special thanks to Ivan Molto, Yuet Loo Wong, Melvin Alvarez, and Kevin Owocki for building the Quadratic Trust app.

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